AR-MI Protect – the right choice for your safety

AR-MI Protect is a low-frequency generator specially developed by our company to create a sonic background and vibrations, which significantly reduce all forms of sound recording, including spatial tapping as well as bugging systems based on interior surface scanning (perimeter walls, windows, furniture, etc.).

AR-MI Protect functions on the principle of a standard interference generator in combination with the unique possibility of exporting saved and selected voice samples of people conversing in the secured place. Those voice samples efficiently obscure the conversation of safeguarded persons.

AR-MI Protect is able to generate interference noise as well as voice samples and to combine them in individual generator outputs (piezo-vibration transformers as well as loud speakers). This significantly helps to enhance the effectiveness in protecting the concerned area from tapping devices. It is possible to interfuse and regulate the generator power output and the voice samples. This is an important function in achieving ideal settings for different conditions of secured places.

It is possible to simply connect the AR-MI Protect generator to already existing noise interference generators, resulting in considerable enhancement of the effectiveness of protecting the concerned area at minimal cost.

AR-MI Protect - Technical specifications

• Power supply 12 V DC (10 – 15 V)
• Consumption max. 2 A in relation to demand
• Outputs:

  • Noise interference 8,8 V (value specified for peak to peak), f = 1003 kHz
  • Audio 2× 15 W / 8 ohm min.
  • Capacity up to 100 piezo-transformers and possibility to connect 2 loudspeakers
  • Adjustable basic level of noise interference 0 – 100 %
  • Output levels possible to tune for piezo-transformers and speakers

• Tool bar condition indication to visualize output value of audio and noise interference
• Condition indicators for memory banks
• Dimensions 118 × 58 × 187 mm
• Adjustable basic level of noise interference 0 – 100 %
• Possibility to reset for quick adjustment of the generator